I was inspired to take a moment to tell all of you about the amazing change and transformation that has taken place with Holistic Health and Healing.  For those of you who don’t know, HHH was originally founded in April of 2008. HHH was rebranded in 2012 with the start of the Holistic Health and Healing expo and just this past August it evolved again with the opening of the HHH center. 

Each one of these evolutions was marked by an event that facilitated significant change. The most recent of which was in the summer of 2017. I signed up for a class because I needed continuing education to maintain my Access Bars Facilitator license. I chose to take a class called Foundation with Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator Heather MacMillan.

The four-day workshop addressed virtually every possible topic. Money, relationships, sex, business, addiction, healing, dying, energetic body processes and much more. The methods that were used while these topics were addressed to let go of the beliefs around them was reminiscent of tools in other modalities but seemed to have a deeper impact. 

After the class, I began to use the tools talked about in the class and everything began changing especially my awareness of opportunities and of possibilities. Looking back, the class opened me up to things I never knew I never know, and how to interact in a new way with the universe and actualizing the reality that I was choosing to create. 

As I sit here now, just 18 months later , I am writing this from a new office in a newly renovated holistic center. The center was a manifestation from a single question. “What else is possible?” When I originally took foundation I shared an office, we had a small space for classes and a larger space we could rent. What we had was “good enough”. Good enough is one of the trickiest traps of this reality. People tend to settle. After Foundation, we started asking “what else is possible” throughout the day. In July we started looking for a larger space with 2 offices. By chance, we ran across an office suite with 3 offices plus a large space for classes. The suite was expandable to offer 4 more offices plus an additional classroom. We were able to open the doors August 1st and now, not even a year later. we are getting quotes to expand to phase 2 of the center.