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Appretniship Program

Join Hank Setala and embark on the path of the Paqo (Nature Mystic) using the sacred sites in the Ohio area. In this tradition you do not sit inside doing journey work, you go out to meet the elements in nature where the energies you want to anchor naturally exist. 

Students can do the series as a 7-weekend course or broken up into short meetings during a longer period of time. In most cases, a month between the initiations is recommended to allow for integration.  

The best time energetically to start the training is in March or April but you can do it any time of year and rework the initiations on your own in the spring. 

7 Weekend Option 

Weekend 1: The Great Initiation
Weekend 2: Path of the Hummingbird
Weekend 3: Misa and Advanced Healing Arts
Weekend 4: The Art of Personal Power
Weekend 5: Speak with the Voice of Mountains
Weekend 6: Death Dying and Beyond
Weekend 7: Misa, Living the Ceremony

Longer Option 

Each weekend can be broken down into three individual days of work which can be spaced out as long as you need.  Some students take more than a year to move through the work, others do it very quickly You can choose to go at your own pace.  

Contact Hank to discuss your needs.