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Distance Healing

I offer one-on-one interactive or passive distance healing sessions.

Passive Sessions

I put your name and anything relevant to what what you are working on into my healing grid. I then put the grid in the middle of my healing table and do the session as if you were right there in the room.  For an additional fee the entire session may be recorded and made available to you. You will know the time of your healing in advance and it is recommended that you be in a still quite place if possible to be consciously receptive of the energy.

Interactive Sessions

I use the same set up as above except instead of recording your session we will be connected via Skype or google hangouts. I complete the session as I would if you were there but there will be more interaction and opportunities to share information. Recording of your session is available for an additional fee.

Free Distance Healing

I offer free daily distance healing. Submit your request to be added to my healing grid by clicking here.