Group Healing Concerts

Sonic ShamanSonic Shaman Concerts


Concerts are more than just an experience with crystal bowls and tuning forks. It is a group healing and transformation session that utilizes the modern day tools combined with the ancient mysteries of Peruvian Shamanism.


Check out the video below to see the closing of the space and get a feel for the energy and power of the group healing sessions.

Group Healing Sessions

In this powerful session you are taught an energy technique to help with releasing the heavy energy in your being. The sound and vibration of the bowls put you in a deep relaxed state allowing your body to release stress and cellular memory from suppressed experiences.  Also in this session you are re-imprinted with your soul blue print allowing you the opportunity to connect with your higher self and your ideal soul path.

Flight of the Condor 

In this session your unique Inka Seed is activated. Through the use of guided imagery the state is set for your Inka seed to sprout and to clime up through the crown to the garden of creator. Once this link is established the entire energy of your being flowers and expands to new levels of awareness. Participants will find new clarity and purpose as well as the ability to remain the observer in their experience. To choose actions vs. reacting.

Soul Path Imprinting

In this powerful session all the participants provide there place of birth. As part of the medicine space I call on the spiritual birth parents that physical high and low point of where you were born. The beginning meditation brings you back through each year of life releasing the heaviness that is still held within your being. Participants leave being energetically cleared past energies and imprinted with there soul purpose and can call upon there spiritual parents for help and guidance.

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