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Flight of the Condor

The Garden of Viracocha

~Flight of the Condor

In the story there is a competition to be king. The condor claims it can fly to the gate of the garden of whyrachoa itself. The day comes for him to prove his might and he takes to the sky. Upon landing outside the garden, the humming bird springs out of the feathers on his back. Joyfully flying through the gates into the garden itself and smashes into the creator.

The hummingbird falls back to earth creating a permanent line of energy connecting the earth to the divine.

In this themed crystal concert healing experience take a journey to the garden of the creator. Fly on the wings of sound and vibration as your consciousness is rocketed to the door of the the heavens. Experience a flowering of your unique soul voice as you make a journey far within. As you come back, a a permanent energetic tether is created.

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