Workshops & More

I offer a variety of workshops and presentations that fall under the umbrella of “No Limit Healing” Every class is taught with the idea that it is merely a piece to a much larger puzzle creating the space for the student to evolve well beyond the material taught in the class.

Want host a class? You get credit for every participant and may get to take the class at not cost to yourself! How does it get better than that?

For a list of classes currently scheduled visit

Here is a list of classes for your consideration:

Introduction to No limit Healing (90-120 minutes) Cost $40.00 early, $45.00 late.

Reiki Back to Basics 1-4 (Each class is a full day workshop) Cost $150.00 early $175.00 late

Ceremony and Sound (6 hour class) $150.00 early, $175.00 Late

Being the bridge (6 hour class) $150.00 early $175.00 Late

The Master Mixer ~ A experience with essential oils. $350.00 early $375.00 late (includes lab kit including 16 essential oils and supplies to make your own creams, roll-ons, room sprays and more.

Access Bar Practitioner Certification $350.00 (repeat students $175.00)

The Science Behind the Sound (6 hour workshop) $150.00 early $175.00 late

Healing as easy as Do-Ri-Mi Healing with Solfeggio $150.00 early $175.00 late. (forks have an additional cost, $150.00 for a set of 9 tuning forks if purchased with the class)